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The latest version of the popular Linux desktop distribution Ubuntu 11.04 has been released and available from the official project web site. This new version uses the Unity user interface instead of GNOME Shell as default desktop (user can switch back to classic Gnome desktop any time). New features since Ubuntu 10.10 includes – Banshee as the default music player, Mozilla Firefox 4, LibreOffice, Linux kernel v2.6.38.2, gcc 4.5, Python 2.7, dpkg 1.16.0, Upstart 0.9, 1.10.1, Mesa 7.10.2, Shotwell 0.9.2, and Evolution 2.32.2.

Fig.01: Default Ubuntu Linux 11.04 Desktop with Unity Graphical Interface
Fig.01: Default Ubuntu Linux 11.04 Desktop with Unity Graphical Interface

Download Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) DVD

  1. 64 Bit DVD version (4G)
  2. 32 Bit DVD version (3.9G)

How Do I Upgrade To Ubuntu v11.04?

You can directly upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 from Ubuntu v10.10, see upgrade howto here.

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  1. How the fsck do I use this. I can’t click folders or my web browser. This is a good way to drive people away when the damn thing is unusable. And my less than 1yo laptop doesn’t have touchpad support. I hate you more Ubuntu.

    1. If you can’t figure out a simplified interface in Ubuntu 11.04, then you should use Windows 7 or a MAC. Linux is not for you.

    2. Dude,im new to linux and you know how to understand this without getting stressed out? get on google and find forums or ask questions about your problems dude everyone will help you

    3. I agree. I didn’t like.

      I was in a machine without linux, so I installed a VM in a dual core and had to wait 30 minutes to open a shell linux. Terrible!

      1. If you want to have a usable Linux, try these tips:

        1) Install modern Ubuntu Mate, Linux Mint, or Xubunutu.
        2) Clean install the OS, not just run it in slow VM emulation.

        Can’t begin to tell you all the problems with VM.

        * Other good distros include: Lubuntu, Peppermint, Elementary OS

  2. Hi Vivek,

    I am trying to install vpn client on my current version of Ubuntu 10.10. I have had much trouble with this. Does the new version available here v11.04 get around this? I essentially need vpn client to ssh to a remote server.

    Thanks. Looking forward to your response.

    1. @saborus, I guess CD version will have only basic packages required for home users. However, DVD might have almost all the latest packages available in the repository.

    2. The DVD ISO will have all the standard Ubuntu packages. The DVD ISO can fit on 1 DVD. The CD ISO can fit on 1 CD for example but will only have the relevant base installation packages.

  3. @admin,

    Thanks for the info, love to download the dvd version and install in a vmware. Debian is great for me, I hope ubuntu would be good.

  4. I tried to download the dvd (3.9GB) but it always stuck in the middle. There’s any link to a mirror where I could download it in 4-5 parts instead of only one huge file? My internet connection is too slow.

  5. Please, is there any image of the 3.9 GB dvd split in few parts? I tried but couldn’t download the huge 3.9 in one go, my internet connection is too slow and every time the download fails after 1.5 GB. Any help?

  6. Nice write up.

    I have to say, we are getting a lot of requests for this. Personally, I think the LTS is the better option, but the Unity UI is a nice touch, although it’s more like OSX meets Vista.

  7. The Unity interface takes a bit of getting used to, but it is really not that bad at all. I have gone back to Lubuntu 10.10 though and that is super fast on an i3 system. Worth looking into if your machine is older like a Pentium 4.

  8. What I would like to know is live usb iso. Is it better to stay with 10.10 on a live usb with persistence? or Go 11.04 with persistence?
    Im thinking I should stay 10.10 since 11.04 is in beta.

  9. Totally loved Ubuntu 11.04, it’s performance, intuitivness….total ease of use made me think…..If is was holding Microsoft stock….I would be a little worried. I upgraded to 11.10 and….well….I’m going back to 11.04. From what I see….11.10 is not quite as ready as 11.04 was out the gate. If….IF Ubuntu could auto recognize installed hardware as well as Knoppix….. WOW !

  10. This software is great for older out-of-date computers, but to use it for todays windows 7, and macs ect. Its useless, it doesnt include the things you will get through windows seven, and xp as far as udpates, internet options, and downloads. What this program is mainly used for is serving the web, on older machines, but with new machines software.

  11. Downloading the Ubuntu 11.04 now. I’m moving into Ubuntu from windows and hoping to engage in development with Perl, Shell Scripts and C. Hope Ubuntu will help me.

  12. anyone will be free to install it using a USB or burning it to another CD but for me i used USb to install ubuntu.. can anyone tell me what is the difference between ubuntu server and ubuntu desktop?

  13. Hi
    I have a dell Latitude 6400 that I bought second hand and I do not have the original software disc the Hard drive crashed so I bought a new HD I want to either load Windows EX or Ubuntu but I put the windows CD in the CD drive but it does not see it to load ??? and also how to format the HD so that it can start loading the software ?

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