Mega Download of the day: Ubuntu Linux 8.04 CD / ISO Image

Ubuntu Linux version 8.04 has been released and available for download. Canonical Ltd. announced the availability of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition for free download. In related news, Canonical also announced the simultaneous release of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server Edition.


Download Ubuntu Linux CD ISO Images

Visit official web site to grab desktop edition.

Ubuntu Linux i386 32 bit ISO Images – Direct download link

  1. Mirror # 1
  2. Mirror # 2
  3. Mirror # 3
  4. Mirror # 4
  5. Mirror # 5
  6. Mirror # 6
  7. Mirror # 7

Bittorent Download

Download Kubuntu Linux 8.04 Iso images

Also, don’t forget rock to check out rock solid kubuntu 8.04 with cutting edge KDE 4 remix here.

More download options such as 64 bit server and desktop editions.

Please note due to heavy download demand requests some mirrors may not be available.

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  • jp le comte Feb 23, 2012 @ 16:46

    Problem(s) to install Ubuntu 11.10
    1. installation 5.10 just up to 8.04 (8.04 LTS version): no problems.
    2. installation 11.04 & 11.10 gives problems : after all the answered questions a copy of the files starts … but is blocked in the last 15 procent in the binlib – files.
    I’ve tried different ISO-files on different downlaod sites, but they have all the same problem.
    I’ve tried this on different PC’s (different hardware with no operating systems and windows operating systems) with no positive results.
    I believe a step back to the the 8.04 is the only way to continue to work in a stable environment.
    I hope that the new LTS version in april 2012 doesn’t have such install problems.

    P.S.: on different PC’s I’m running Susse and Linux Mint updates without problems.
    Just untill now I’ve always said Ubuntu is much better … but with the version 11.10 …

    JP Le Comte
    Soelstraat 3
    3130 Betekom

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