Download of the day: Firefox search plugin

English is not my first language. Often I open urls and to get a more information.

The Mycroft project provides a collection of search plugins which allows you to access a search engine right from your browser. In Mozilla Firefox, you use the search box on the toolbar including plug-in 🙂

=> Download Free Firefox Plug-ins

=> The Mycroft project

Mozilla has put a list of few popular search sites in the Search Bar in the upper-right corner of Firefox. If you’d like to add more, there are hundreds to choose from. Click on a Search Engine to add it to your Firefox Search Bar.

Now I can search directly from Firefox 😀

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  • Funka! Jan 8, 2010 @ 23:10

    I noticed in my latest upgrade from Firefox 3.0 to 3.5 that I can no longer use the shortcut that dbr mentioned of just typing “dict word” in the address bar (where “word” is the word you want to lookup at Now when I type this, i am taken to a google search page. I am wondering how to get this old functionaity back. (This is how I came across this page, even though it doesn’t quite address my original question.) I’ll check the links you gave for another possible solution, thank you!

  • mansur aly Sep 25, 2008 @ 3:32

    Interested in quick down load of ur plug in.

  • firefly May 6, 2008 @ 18:33

    Thanks so much for providing this. It makes my life so much easier 🙂

  • Anil Pathak Dec 17, 2007 @ 0:29

    Instead of type and search i would love some kind of tooltip based dictionary..

  • 🐧 nixCraft Feb 25, 2007 @ 13:50


    Thanks for pointing out those little tips 🙂

  • dbr Feb 24, 2007 @ 13:44

    Firefox already has a dictionary-search built in – If you go to the URL bar, and type in : dict [word] and go, it’ll go to the page for that word (Or the suggested-spellings). There’s similar ones for “wiki [word]” (Generally goes to the Wikipedia page for the word, although it sometimes goes to the first search result for what you enter), “slang [word] (Goes to, and a few others I’ve forgotten about
    – Ben

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