QD#5: Linux Networx Pipes in $37M, Firefox Extending the Search Bar, Web dev in Linux tips, 8-Core Mac Pro, College rags, SSH Tips, TCP/IP Guide

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=> Linux Networx Pipes in $37M – More funding, more supercomputers, more visualization; Linux Networx is getting biggie-sized (Linux business).

=> Firefox Extending the Search Bar – To change the width of this text field you can create a userChrome.css file, which allows you to override Firefox’s default interface settings. (Interesting)

=> Web dev in Linux – Author notes down his experiences switching to Linux based web dev environment (Good tips)

=> Subversion 1.4 Released

=> 8-Core Mac Pro – Intel’s new quad-core processors will dramatically increase the amount of processing power you can have in a single system. Given that the Mac Pro features two LGA-771 sockets, you could theoretically drop two Clovertown processors in there and you’d have an 8-core Mac Pro. (h/w hacks)

=> College rags (Humor)

=> SSH: Secure shell tricks – Almost all-important tips @ one location (informative)

=> The TCP/IP Guide – The TCP/IP Guide is an excellent resource for beginners and reference purpose.

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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