FreeBSD: How to unload (remove) device driver (module) from kernel?

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FreeBSD comes with kldstat command. The kldstat utility or command displays the status of any files dynamically linked into the kernel. And the kldunload utility unloads a file which was previously loaded with lldload command. You can use kldunload command as follows.


Unload a file from the kernel

First login as a root user (use su – or sudo commnad):

Get list of loaded modules/drivers first use following command

# kldstat

To remove module use the following command

The kldstat utility displays the status of any files dynamically linked into the kernel.

kldunload -i ID


kldunload module-name

Example to unload smbfs module

Type the following command as the root user:
# kldunload smbfs
# kldunload -i 8

Please note that # 8 is module ID obtained using kldstat command.

Force the unload

You can pass -f option to kldunload to force the unload. This ignores error returns to MOD_QUIESCE from the module and implies that the module should be unloaded even if it is currently in use. The users are left to cope as best they can.
# kldunload -f smbfs

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  1. [mike@mike-pc] /home/mike# kldunload -fv -i 23 snd_hda && kldload snd_hda
    Unloading snd_hda.ko, id=23
    kldunload: can’t unload file: Device busy
    [mike@mike-pc] /home/mike# uname -a
    FreeBSD mike-pc 8.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE #7: Wed Feb 16 13:33:10 PST 2011 amd64

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