FreeBSD > which directories (PATHs) used to load device drivers (modules)?

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The kldconfig utility displays or modifies the search path used by the
kernel when loading modules using the kldload utility or the
kldload syscall. You can also use sysctl command (the sysctl utility retrieves kernel state). Try any one of the following command as a root user:

1) To get PATH (or directories name) type command:

# sysctl kern.module_path


# kldconfig -r

2) The path can modified in /boot/loader.conf file, open this file and look for entry called module_path:

# grep “modile_path” /boot/loader.conf


Note you must open /boot/loader.conf file to change path settings using text editor:

# vi /boot/loader.conf

And make changes to file.

3) Reboot system to take effect.

4) Or on fly, you can add/append path using kldconfig utility, read man page for more info.

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