Gadgets I brought in 2006

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New year’s eve is here and this is my lists of gadgets that rocked my world in 2006 😀



I brought two Notebooks.

1. Dell Inspiron 6400 for office use.

2. Sony VAIO VGN-AR28 – It provides me great entertainment with a sleek design.


I brought total 2 devices.

1. The blackberry Pearl for office use – One of the best and lightest smart mobile phone around.

2. Motorola RAZR V3i – It has large color display along with Bluetooth, 1.3MP digital camera and mp3 music playback.


1. Apple iPod 80 GB – One of the best digital cum video player around. I purchased because of 80 GB space to hold all my songs and videos.

2. XBOX 360 – Video game and entertainment system

3. DVD camcorder Canon DC22 – Very good for capturing life’s good movements.

My 2007 gadgets list

I am planning to purchase following gadgets in 2007:
=> Dell 24″ wide aspect flat panel LCD monitor

=> Nintendo wii game console

=> DIY NAS using software and Intel based system for my growing storage needs.

Did you buy any one of these in 2006? Let me know about your other Gadgets…


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  1. * Used Fujitsu P-2040 subnotebook. Absolute best notebook ever. Rather slow at times, but incredible battery life.

    * Blackberry – I don’t know what model. My new job gave it to me. Honestly, I’m not a fan of these things. I’ve already run a red light trying to answer a call. Give me a simple (circa 2002) cell phone any day. However, having Google Maps on it is nice.

    * iPod 5th gen 60gb – Upgraded my 3rd gen 15gb

    * Nintendo DS Lite w/ EZFlash 4 Lite – Bit expensive for everything, but being able to read e-books comfortably on the train to work is priceless.

    In 2007:

    * Nintendo Wii
    * New desktop & fileserver

  2. Hello joe,

    Thanks for comment. Nintendo Wii is on top list 🙂 I used to think that you have apple hardware.

  3. I used to, but my dogs broke my Macbook screen right before I left for Europe and had to buy the Fujitsu. The Macbook is a really nice laptop, but it runs WAY too hot, IMO.

    Plus, since I started focusing on learning more about Windows, being in a Server 2003 environment helps a lot.

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