Git revision control software howto

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This document shows us how to install and configure Git – revision control software.


FTA “…Git is the open source revision control software that Linus Torvalds developed to help manage Linux kernel development. You can download it yourself and use it for your own kernel hacking — or for software development projects of your own. This article shows you how to get started hacking Linux with the Git tools…

To be an effective software developer in any modern software development project, you must be able to develop concurrently with other project contributors. Source code management (SCM) systems are not a new idea. Many attempts have been made to write software that allows future software projects to be developed faster and easier. Most modern source code management solutions include revision control systems to allow retractions of source code changes that turn out to be detrimental to the project, or to simply track who changed what lines of code. Revision control systems attempt to address the problem posed by developers trying to alter a file simultaneously, preventing users from overwriting each others’ alterations. Many of the currently popular solutions for source code management try to address failures in previous SCM solutions…”

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