Download of the day: gNewSense GNU/Linux Distribution

Posted on in Categories Debian Linux, Download of the day, GNU/Open source, Linux distribution, Ubuntu Linux last updated May 2, 2008

gNewSense is derived from Ubuntu Linux, and has most of the same functionality. However, it removed all the non-free blobs from distro i.e. it only ship with free and open software. It has no proprietary modules or software:

* Firmware removed from kernel in main
* Builder, a tool to produce a distribution
* Restricted removed
* Ubuntu logos replaced
* Universe enabled by default
* emacs, bsdgames, nethack and build-essential part of the default install

=> Download gNewSense Linux distribution.

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  1. The link to download is pointing to this page. Does not take you to the actual download site.


  2. I don’t get the point of this distribution.

    How is this different than



    A new orthodox church?

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