Weird GNOME problem: INIT: Id respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

Yesterday I messed up badly with GNOME configuration. My R & D result into an error on the first console that read as follows:

INIT: Id respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes


GNOME was broken badly. Screen was just flicked several times. To fix this problem:

a) Reboot Fedora Core Linux box

b) Boot into single user mode (or text mode i.e. mode init 3 will also do the job,IMPO)

c) Type the following command to fix Display card related stuff:

# redhat-config-xfree86 –reconfig

Above command allows you to fix all problems or allows reconfiguring X windows system.

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7 comments… add one
  • Inbaraj suresh Jan 11, 2011 @ 13:37

    simple …you just try to this command

  • ken Aug 4, 2007 @ 16:52

    How do I fix this problem in the case of Centos 4
    I cant find the file redhat-config-xfree86 ?


  • Mukesh Kulal Jul 27, 2007 @ 9:02

    rhgb has a problem with the mouse pointer. so please disable rhgb in grub.conf and try with a reboot. I had faced such a problem and it was solved. try this out and tell me

  • mukesh Jul 27, 2007 @ 8:58

    As for david Wallace just try disabling “rhgb” parameter in grub.conf file. It is the problem with that rhgb and your mouse will just work fine with mouse pointer visible

  • vinod kumar Aug 27, 2006 @ 14:42

    Need some help with some real login problem.
    I am unable to login to the system as a particular user.
    But i am able to login in text mode.
    I guess the problem could be with the X-server.
    But it is only a guess.
    any way to reconfigure the x-server for this particular user is what i am looking for.

    thanks in adv.

  • 🐧 nixCraft Aug 6, 2006 @ 4:22


    a) Your mouse is not configure properly – use above command to fix mouse

    b) Your mouse is faulty – test on other computer

    Run setup command to reconfigure your mouse from text mode

  • David Wallace Aug 5, 2006 @ 21:05

    My mouse pointer in gnome is always hidden. I have to use the ctrl key to even have an idea of where the pointer is. Everything else seems to be working. The mouse is moving i just cant see it.

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