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From the page:

This website provides tutorials and sample course content so CS students and educators can learn more about current computing technologies and paradigms. In particular, this content is Creative Commons licensed which makes it easy for CS educators to use in their own classes.

The Courses section contains tutorials, lecture slides, and problem sets for a variety of topic areas:

* AJAX Programming
* Distributed Systems
* Web Security
* Languages

In the Tools 101 section, you will find a set of introductions to some common tools used in Computer Science such as version control systems and databases.

The CS Curriculum Search will help you find teaching materials that have been published to the web by faculty from CS departments around the world. You can refine your search to display just lectures, assignments or reference materials for a set of courses.

=> Google Code University (via Digg)

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  • Philip Soum Sep 28, 2010 @ 10:06

    I’d like to know which is the best book or website to learn how to design programs.
    How to get started in learning Programming Logic and techniques to code computer programs. Please reply.

  • john Jul 21, 2011 @ 1:27

    im just wonder why theres nothing on programming java script cuz that what all good laptops apart from linux (not sure what script they run on) and dont apple track and trace everything you do so why would any one want a piece of ”shit” mac

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