How do I join a Windows 2003 Active Directory domain from Linux system?

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Recently I was working on small project with a new company. They are Microsoft only shop. Finally, Linux made entry into their shop.


These days Linux is more common in enterprises. Since Linux systems were limited (as compare to number of windows boxes) they don’t want new set of administration tools and additional user accounts i.e. they want to use Windows 2003 Active Directory domain from Linux system.

First you need to configure both Samba (smb.conf) and MIT Kerberos (krb5.conf) services. Next type the following command:

# net ads join –UAdministrator

You will be prompted for domain admin password. Above single command is use to join Active Directory domain from Linux system. It should work with FreeBSD system too.

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  1. This is great… quite a number a variety of issues.please include more security related issues.

  2. You should also point folks to the free Centrify Express (, it worked well for me to join Linux/Mac/UNIX to AD, plus it also supports mobile and SaaS, so it goes beyond Linux vis a vis tying in disparate systems/apps into a Microsoft-centric shop.

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