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ZFS, is a free, open-source file system produced by Sun Microsystems for its Solaris Operating System. It is notable for its high capacity, integration of the concepts of filesystem and volume management, novel on-disk structure, lightweight filesystems, and easy storage pool management. Max file size supported is 16 exabytes – go figure out 😉

From wikipedia page:

ZFS is a 128-bit file system, which means it can store 18 billion billion (18 quintillion) times more data than current 64-bit systems. The limitations of ZFS are designed to be so large that they will never be encountered in practice.

Anyways I found couple of good Online Demonstration @ Sun’s site.

These segments will demonstrate how to set up ZFS file systems, administer simple tasks, create snapshots and how ZFS handles corrupted data.

From the sun’s site (warning flash player required):
=> Segment 1: ZFS zpool creation: Illustrates how to quickly and easily setup a ZFS file system and administer other simple tasks

=> Segment 2: ZFS Snapshots: Demonstrates how to create snapshots with ZFS and how to roll back to an earlier created snapshot

=> Segment 3: ZFS checksum recovery: Demonstrates how ZFS handles and survives (in this case deliberate) data corruption.

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