How to find, use, and manage Linux documentations locally and on the Internet

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Do you want to master Linux and open source technologies? The key is to find answers and solutions to your problem via man pages, local documentations and search on the Internet.


In this tutorial, the fourth of a series of nine tutorials on LPI exam 102 topics, Ian Shields introduces you to Linux documentation. By the end of this tutorial, you will know how to use and manage local documentation, find documentation on the Internet, and use automated logon messages to notify users of system events.

This tutorial is organized according to the specific objectives of the LPI exam for this topic. This tutorial can help you study for certification — or simply build a solid foundation in Linux system administration.

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# 1: Use Google to find out information quickly. Always use format your-distribution-name+query. For example type query redhat+configure+dns to find out how to configure dns.

# 2: Learn how to navigate file system effectively
As a Linux/UNIX system administrator, you will need to find files in directories all over the file system. Especially those coming from a Windows background, often lost themselves while navigating file system.


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