How to make music with Linux

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A music workstation on Linux? Turn your Fedora Core box into a sound station with Rosegarden


Rosegarden is a powerful audio, MIDI and score editing and sequencing environment for musicians.

Michael Tiemann has published an article – Making music with Fedora Core 5:
“I never promised you a rose garden–that was somebody else. However, I have just succeeded in making my laptop an Audio and MIDI workstation using Rosegarden, and I managed to do it all this morning, just before lunchtime. If that sounds promising, read on.

rosegarden - How to make music with Linux

Linux has been a fantastic platform for all sorts of really cool projects, products, and applications, from web serving and web services to genomic sequencing and cataloging to embedded systems development and deployment to all manner of systems monitoring and modeling from the subatomic to the supergalactic. In other areas, such as audio, video, and 3D graphics, Linux has been handicapped, which is a shame, because the content world needs innovation just as much as the scientific, medical, communications, and information systems worlds do. Nevertheless, some courageous people have shown their commitment to ensuring that software freedom is available to those who wish to compose and play, not only those content to read and hack..

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  1. It’s great that someone is working on a sequencing soft synth application for Linux. The one’s I’ve tried to date have been lacking. The only thing keeping with Windows is Fruity Loops (easy to work with) and all the VST soft synths available. But being tied to Windows is killing me! Hope this works!

  2. I was found another music maker software for linux, it is LMMS and friends. And I work fine with them ZynAddSubFx synthesizer. I believe applying linux for music workstation is very possible and because linux is stable OS, I choose it rather than using a windows.

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