How to Setup Kerberized authentication of Windows Terminal Service

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Learn how to Use IBM Network Authentication Service as your Key Distribution Center on AIX 5.3.


Kerberos, which provides a secure means of authentication for network users, is one of the most popular authentication mechanisms. Most modern operating systems support Kerberos-based (Version 5) authentication. IBM AIX 5.3 also supports Kerberos-based authentication.

FTA, “Discover how to configure the Microsoft® Windows® 2003 Server to authenticate Terminal Service users with the IBM Network Authentication Service (IBM NAS) Key Distribution Center (KDC) being hosted on their AIX® 5.3 system. Such a setup not only gives Kerberized authentication for Terminal Service users, but it also allows users to have uniform user IDs and passwords across AIX and Windows Server systems. It allows application developers to exploit the advantages of Kerberos interoperability between IBM NAS and Windows in Kerberized applications spanning across systems.

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