How Windows Users are Changing Linux

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Excellent article, I couldn’t agree more with author. From the blog post:

My advice is to to speak up for Linux and promote unity in the Linux community. It is okay to have friendly rivalry between distros, but we need to guard against larger and more insidious forces attacking from the outside, and to protect that which we have in common. If Linux is going to change let it be from the inside out.

=> How Windows Users are Changing Linux and What We Should Do About It

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. I agree and disagree with the writer.

    Linux is perfect OS,but it is not for a new user especially with the presence of windows.
    Many years ago linux was hard to install successfully on any machine, it is not so easy to install the OS and go on, after many years of development it become so easy. Now you can install liunx easily in short time almost on any machine.

    That was the problem – the long time – this come from the huge number of distributions, thousands may be millions of developers works behind linux but their effort discarded on the huge number of distributions. If the developers aims to a smaller set of distributions the results will be great in a shorter time and to support only a dozen of distributions is only a dream.

    if this point of view come true windows will disappear !!

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