Shell tip: change to a directory having very long name

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Let us say your have a long directory name called “A_VERY_ VERY LONG_ DIRECTORY_NAME_TO_ TYPE _ A _ B _C”…

So how do you change to a directory, which is having very long name without typing full name?

Simply use a wildcard character called * as follows

Or type cd A_VERY and hit tab key to complete a directory name :)
$ cd A_VERY_VERY (hit tab key)

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  1. I recommend appending the last letter as well:

    $ cd A_VERY_VERY*C

    Better example:

    $ cd /usr/lib/fire*10/plugins

    or for total brevity:

    $ cd /us*/li*/fir*10/pl* gets you to same place

    namely /usr/lib/firefox-

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