Connect VMWARE Server using Webbased Management Interface at 8333 port

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The VMware Server Web-based management interface is installed on your VMware Server system to enable control from a Web browser.

You can download this package from VMWare site itself and install the same. Activities you can perform includes:
=> Connecting to a Virtual Machine with the VMware Server Console

=> Using the Virtual Machine Menu

=> Changing the Power State of a Virtual Machine

=> Monitoring the Virtual Machine’s Heartbeat

=> Viewing Information about Virtual Machines

=> Downloading VMware Server Console Installers (Login and Status Monitor pages only)

=> Configuring the VMware Server System (Options page only)

=> Using Common Controls

=> Start and shutdown virtual servers etc

Download web interface for vmware server

# wget

Unpack tar ball

Use tar command to install a tar ball:
# tar -zxvf VMware-mui-1.0.3-44356.tar.gz

Install Management Interface

# cd vmware-mui-distrib
# ./

Just follow on screen installation instructions. Installer should start the server and default port is 8333. You need to open the same using iptables, add something as follows to your firewall script:
iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 8333 -j ACCEPT

Save and load the firewall.

Now open a webbrowser and type url:

Connect VMWARE Server using Webbased Management Interface at 8333 port
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  1. This worked perfect Vivek. I just have one question. This servers are installed and running vmware server with its standard management console. I noticed this installs and writes to other places other than bin. Is this tar package a different one than the console but it includes the web access?

  2. I installed successfully on there servers. The fourth one failed and now i can install because it says:”a previous installation of vmware software has been detected” Aborted. This server in on production.

  3. Yes config files are stored at /etc/vmware and binary files at /usr directory. Log files are located at /var/log/vmware*.

    You always need to install latest version. Uninstall old version and install the latest product. As usual make backup of data before playing with anything ;)

  4. i followed your steps good but somehow i can’t open the web interface i still beleive is firewall or SElinux blocks
    can you advise please?

  5. Hi folks, trying to install this on my ESXi box, but I can’t. There is no PERL available for it to use.

    Tried to install on my Linux box that has the CLI on it, for use to talk to the ESXi Server, but it says ‘Setup is unable to find the “vmware” program on your machine. Please make sure
    it is installed.’

    The CLI is installed, but I don’t use the vmware program, I use the direct CLI interface, not even the CLI I just installed to try to get this web interface to work.

    What do I do? Please help?
    Do you have an IRC channel for this stuff?

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