Quick tip: Eject and Insert CD / DVD media under Linux

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Eject command allows removable media (typically a CD-ROM, floppy disk, tape, or JAZ or ZIP disk) to be ejected under software control. The command can also control some multi-disc CD-ROM changers, the auto-eject feature supported by some devices, and close the disc tray of some CD-ROM drives.

Eject using device name (DVD/CD)

eject /dev/dvd
eject cdrom
eject /mnt/dvd

Close tray:

eject -t /dev/dvd

Eject first SCSI device:

eject sda

Select CD slot

The command can also control some multi-disc CD-ROM changers (note that the first slot of the changer is referred to as 0, not 1):
eject -c 1 /dev/cdrom

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