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No you don’t have to apply any hack simply register yourself at their site. Now Linspire is offering free CNR service to all users.

But what is CNR?
CNR stands for “click and run“. It is a FREE software delivery service designed for Linspire users that makes it easy to install Linux software.

With the CNR Service you can install more than 2,000 FREE Linux software titles direct from the CNR Warehouse – all with just a single click.

In fact, the CNR Service is the easiest way to install Linux software. Simply click the software you want and it installs on your computer and is ready to run.

This is good move, IMPO. They will gain more customers.

=> register yourself to get free CNR service
=> More info @ Offical site (via

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  1. i don’t like freespire/linspire because they are charging for their distro for enterprises and cnr now is free…hmmm wonder why? they need users? well am not getting off ubuntu because ubuntu is absolutely free and in synaptic there are thousands of free softwares available to download.

    Linspire, you’re late!

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