Howto install Linux on a Windows XP or NT system

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Upgrade your windows to a Linux system the easiest possible way: running an installer on your Windows. Instlux is a windows installer which, allows you to install Linux from Windows installer.

From the project home page, “…The final goal is not only to provide a way of installing Linux on a Windows system, but being a tool for a complete migration from Windows to Linux, by getting the system and user information stored on Windows, and writing default values to the Linux installation according to them, easying this way the migration…

Cool :)
The main advantage is you do not worry any more about configuring your system to boot from a CDROM/DVDROM. Right now, it supports only two distributions: Ubuntu and OpenSuSE.

See project home page for more information.

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  1. i can’t install redhat linux in pentium core2 duo to install rectify this.i aiready have yhe windoes xp in my system.what the minimum required for redhat linux os installation.

  2. how the linux is to be installing on xp……….so send the solution to my email………..


  3. Hello,
    This is shrawan gupta.i want to know that How to install active directory on windows xp professional.plz help …..

  4. hi
    i want to install linux operating system on window xp. How can i do that , pls. help me and reply me on my e-mail address

  5. I want to know the installation of LINUX Operating sys on Windows XP and individual system also…plz send me the procedure of installation..

  6. i cant installing the LINUX operating system on Xp ….please send the process to do installing the LINUX..

  7. How to install linux in my computer ? I have core 2 duo with windows xp installed……please forward me the procedures in my e-mail….

    1. hi
      i am rajesh kumar i will show u that how to install both linux and window on one pc
      1) install vmware or any virtual machine on your pc
      2) then make your linux or windows image
      3) it will work fine and fantastic operating system any linux or windows os


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