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  1. I protest. This article is prejudiced against Tony.


    (Really, thanks. I was looking for a way to make an ftp user with no shell access on a debian box. This was precisely what I needed.)

  2. if you just want to get a new real user try “adduser –help” for normal user it should be the option “–disabled-login” or maybe you want to create a system user try “adduser –system –no-create-home USER”.

  3. adduser --disabled-login is **NOT** the right thing to use for blocking shell access!!

    Enter “man adduser” and look for this description:

                  Do  not  run passwd to set the password.  The user won't be able
                  to use her account until the password is set.
      1. Yes, the “someuser” was crated by me for some time.. I searched on google but I didn’t find any answer… about /s$.
        And is true, this think is on a hacked server… by a rootkit — SHV4 or SHV5. and I want to see how was hacked…

        Thank You!

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