Solaris: How do I setup a default static route / static router IP address?

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/etc/defaultrouter is the configuration file for default router under Solaris os. The /etc/defaultrouter file can contain the IP addresses or hostnames of one or more default routers, with each entry on its own line. If you use hostnames, each hostname must also be listed in the local /etc/hosts file, because no name services are running at the time that defaultrouter is read.


The default routes listed in this file replace those added by the kernel during diskless booting. An empty /etc/defaultrouter file will cause the default route added by the kernel to be deleted.

(1) First login to Solaris box as a root user:
# su
The /etc/defaultrouter is configuration file for default router under Sun Solaris. Open the file /etc/defaultrouter and add the router IP address:
# vi /etc/defaultrouter
Append IP address:
Restart the Solaris network with following command:
# /etc/init.d/network restart
(3) Or you can add the router IP to default route table as follows:
# route add default

add net default: gateway

Finally use nslookup and ping command to check network settings:
$ ping
$ nslookup

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  1. Is it just me or is this answer, answering “How do I setup a default route in Solaris?” Rather than “How do I setup a static route?”

    I suppose the default route is also considered a static route but this still didn’t really help me.

  2. when we restart our router then it display the wrong routing table.netstat -r
    pl advice us how we stop this routing table and set our own routing table.
    I am new user of sunsolaris 8. and want to learn all this how in.routed works

  3. Great post,ihave trying to get my sweet virgin phoenix to put out with no luck ,thinking she was just mad at me ,so i am getting a correct router this am and thanks for this setup manual , one think this would be in the manual that comes with the unit / i guess i am asking for too much info. guess the company techs. think everyone should on half nuts and wastse 10 days when they could do just as much good with there thumb up the south port!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A BBIGET THANKS FOR INFO.

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