Switch user agents in the Mozilla Firefox browser

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Recently my bank made some changes to web based banking facility. It is now IE only site for netbanking. They have coded site such way it only works with IE and do not work with Firefox browser.

So I need to change the ‘user agent’ field in the Mozilla web browser to make it “look” and “act” like Internet Explorer (IE).

Luckily Google pointed out to a user agent switcher that is written as an extension to Mozilla products.

From the extension home page:
It adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser. It works with following mozilla products:

=> Firefox All version

=> Mozilla Browser All version

How do I use User Agent Switcher?

a) All you have to do is download this extension

b) Install extension

c) Click on Tools > User agent switcher

d) Select Internet Explorer (Win XP) and save the changes

Now you can browse most websites w/o a problem :)

User Agent Switcher in Action

Switch user agents in the Mozilla Firefox browser
(Click to enlarge image – Detailed option dialogbox)

You can also add additional user agents as per your needs to for different browsers :)

=> Download User Agent Switcher

=> Authors page

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  1. The better solution is to cancel your account with that bank. When they ask you why, explain to them that you refuse to be forced into using a specific web browser to use their online banking. Companies are never going to learn to make platform independent solutions if people keep jumping through hoops to accommodate them.

    You are their customer, they should accommodate you. Not the other way around.

  2. I heard this as a rumor a few weeks back, and inquired of my bank. At first they did not know what Linux was, and after some discussion, they did some checking (I think with their webmaster) and their site is going to work with Linux now. I second the motion re pulling out of a non-cooperating bank. It is critical to move that way now…early in the game.
    It is important for them to know that they serve us, not the other way around. Our money keeps them solvent.

  3. hey nix,

    I’m also with other guyes here; kick ass of bank if they are not supporting Linux and firefox.



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