HP got huge Linux desktop order

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Yet another good story for Linux, more and more business are pushing Linux desktop systems. There is a good demand for Linux desktop system. If you consider MS Vista price, DRM shit, strict licensing, and current software / driver compatibility issues, this is a wise move for any business.

According to this article:
Hewlett-Packard is closing custom deals for thousands of desktop PCs running Linux, which has the company assessing the possibility of offering factory-loaded Linux systems, an HP executive said.

We are involved in a number of massive deals for Linux desktops, and those are the kinds of things that are indicators of critical mass. So we are really looking at it very hard.

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  1. Yes, Now every small and medium scale industry has to adopt this thing, for cost saving and security as well stability.

    Good News to hear. GNU/Linux is BEST Solution for any industry.

    Ashish Barot.

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