IIT-B and Red Hat India announced The Open Source challenge

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IIT Mumbai (IIT-B) one of the countries premier science/technology institute and ranked among the top research universities in the world announced the Red Hat Scholarship for students.


The objective of the Red Hat scholarships is to speed up the adoption of open source software in India and make India a proud contributor to the global open source community.

The challenges are:

  1. Open Source localization in Indian languages
  2. Development of open source Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) frameworks
  3. Meaningful applications for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) e.g. MiniERP, Accounting and microcredit applications
  4. Geographical Information Systems
  5. Embedded Linux and associated applications for Net appliances e.g. smart cards, cell phones, handled PDAs, general appliances etc.
  6. Audio/Video applications like VoIP, Internet telephony, feature recognition, text-to-speech etc.
  7. Network related e.g. protocols, security etc.
  8. System software and tools. e.g. Linux extensions, open source databases, and their functionality extensions, software development environments.

This is the third consecutive year that the Red Hat Scholarships program is being run. This program will be a recurring, annual event. Under this program, awards worth Rs 10 lakhs will be distributed to the winning teams.

For more info see:

Right now, I am learning lots of coding and Programming, I will try my luck next year 🙂

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