India lays down 'open' challenge

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There is yet another-evidence that suggests the growing usage of open source and Linux in India. Bill Thompson who is a regular commentator on the BBC World Service programme Digital Planet. After his first trip to India, Bill looks forward to the end of western domination of the free software community


According to him, “Free software provides a bridge between the affluence of the West and the poverty of most of the world’s population“.

FTA “…I’d come to India with the sense that, like Brazil and other countries outside the West that are taking free software seriously, India is moving into a new phase in its use of free and open source software…

These guys – and it was a boy’s night out, though there are women members of the group too – are using the freedom which the Linux distribution licence gives them to build tools and technologies for themselves …Read more


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  1. Unfortunately for them, Indian culture isn’t creative or well-disciplined enough to really maximize the potential of open source software.

    Having worked on too many projects that were made into a complete hash by Indian software companies, I know whence I speak.

  2. Most vendors offer ms windows office with a new computer. To keep down the cost usually the software will be a pirated one. in fact the public should be made aware of open software.

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