Installing Apache Php, and modules easily with ApacheToolbox

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If you ever lost with Apache modules or if you find it difficult to download and configure all needed modules then ApacheToolbox is the answer to all your question. It is use to configures Apache with a variety of options and modules. It provides a means to compile Apache with 63 3rd party killer modules plus the 36 modules that come with apache. The best part is you need to download the script (Apache Toolbox site

Step # 2 : Untar Apachetoolbox

# tar -zxvf Apachetoolbox-install-1.5.72.tar.gz

Step # 3: Install Apache using Apachetoolbox

# cd Apachetoolbox-1.5.72
# ./

Step # 4: Just follow on screen instructions:


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Hmmm I keep getting this message.

    [root@LinuxDesk Download]# cd Apachetoolbox-1.5.72
    [root@LinuxDesk Apachetoolbox-1.5.72]# ./
    [+] -Checking for tar… [FOUND @ /bin/tar]
    [+] -Checking for patch… [FOUND @ /usr/bin/patch]
    [+] -Checking for cp… [FOUND @ /bin/cp]
    [+] -Checking for chmod… [FOUND @ /bin/chmod]
    [+] -Checking for chown… [FOUND @ /bin/chown]
    [+] -Checking for rm… [FOUND @ /bin/rm]
    [+] -Checking for cat… [FOUND @ /bin/cat]
    [+] -Checking for sleep… [FOUND @ /bin/sleep]
    [+] -Checking for ln… [FOUND @ /bin/ln]
    [+] -Checking for mv… [FOUND @ /bin/mv]
    [+] -Checking for gunzip… [FOUND @ /usr/bin/gunzip]
    [+] -Checking for bunzip2… [FOUND @ /usr/bin/bunzip2]
    [+] -Checking for unzip… [FOUND @ /usr/bin/unzip]
    [+] -Checking for less… [FOUND @ /usr/bin/less]
    [+] -Checking for more… [FOUND @ /bin/more]
    [+] -Checking for uname… [FOUND @ /bin/uname]
    [+] -Checking for lynx… [FAILED]
    [+] -Checking for wget… [FOUND @ /usr/bin/wget]
    [+] -Checking for md5sum… [FOUND @ /usr/bin/md5sum]
    [+] -Checking for basename… [FOUND @ /bin/basename]
    [+] -Checking for sed… [FOUND @ /bin/sed]
    [+] -Checking for install… [FOUND @ /usr/bin/install]
    [+] -Checking for autoconf… [FAILED]
    [+] -Checking for gcc… [FAILED] -required external resourced missing
    [root@LinuxDesk Apachetoolbox-1.5.72]#

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