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Introducing Linux Custom Search Engine using Google

Google has launched a Custom Search Engine. This allows users to create their own specialized Google Search Indexes made up of specific sites. I have added total 59+ sites which I believe provides good Linux and open source tutorials and articles.

From google FT article:
Users of Google Custom Search Engine will be able to select the websites they want to be included in their searches, and add to this list in future by ‘tagging’ websites they visit. Any searches will then return results just from that slice of the Google search index.

Google also said it had created an easy way for users to ‘paste’ a search box for the personalised engine on to their own webpages, so that visitors can carry out searches using their preferred parameters.

You can visit Linux engine here

You can volunteer to contribute to this search engine by adding your own blog or Linux specific site.

The main aim is to create list of trusted Linux site which provides the specialized or Linux specific information quickly as possible.

The Custom Search Engine allows us to combine Google’s search algorithm with my own expertise to create a customized experience – thus making access to specific information across the web easier for all Linux users.

If you can’t add your site just email me your site info and I will add your site.

Linux Custom Search Engine in action

It searches 50 web sites and all sites are tagged using following labels:
=> News
=> Downloads
=> Faq
=> Blogs
=> Guides
=> Tips and Hacks
=> Forums
=> Documentation

For example when you type a query: add a user to group you will get above tags to redefine (or narrow down) your search in Linux forums or blogs or documentations. This will save your time.

(Click to enlarge image)

List of sites

Following is the list of *trusted sites* according to categories. You are most likely to find out information using these sites.

News sites

=> www.tuxmachines.org
=> digg.com/linux_unix
=> news.yahoo.com/i/1287
=> undeadly.org
=> del.icio.us/popular/linux
=> lxer.com
=> librnix.com
=> linux.com
=> www.topix.net/tech/linux
=> rootprompt.org
=> bsd.slashdot.org
=> linux.slashdot.org
=> osnews.com
=> newsforge.com
=> linuxtoday.com
=> www.linux-watch.com
=> www.desktoplinux.com

Linux/BSD download sites

=> www.us.debian.org/distrib/
=> centos.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=15
=> www.freebsd.org/where.html
=> www.openbsd.org/ftp.html
=> www.ubuntu.com/download
=> fedora.redhat.com/Download/mirrors.html
=> www.novell.com/products/suselinux/downloads/

Linux/BSD blogs

=> opensource.apress.com
=> www.ducea.com
=> www.newlinuxuser.com
=> adminspotting.net
=> uadmin.blogspot.com
=> www.cyberciti.biz
=> mysqlperformanceblog.com
=> linuxhelp.blogspot.com
=> aplawrence.com

Linux/BSD Guides

=> en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Guide_to_UNIX
=> www.ibm.com/developerworks/index.html
=> onlamp.com
=> www.cyberciti.biz
=> debian-administration.org
=> tldp.org
=> bsdguides.org
=> www.howtoforge.com
=> www.linuxdevcenter.com
=> www.reallylinux.com

Tips and Hacks

=> hacks.oreilly.com/pub/q/all_hacks
=> souptonuts.sourceforge.net/how_to_linux_and_open_source.htm
=> www.cyberciti.biz
=> debianhelp.co.uk

Linux/BSD forums

=> www.ubuntuforums.org
=> forums.gentoo.org
=> www.linuxforum.com
=> www.linuxforums.org
=> www.linuxquestions.org
=> forum.cyberciti.biz
=> groups.google.co.in/groups/dir?sel=33584091 (usenet)

Linux/BSD documentation

=> help.ubuntu.com/community/
=> www.us.debian.org/doc/
=> www.freebsd.org/docs.html
=> www.openbsd.org/docum.html
=> www.novell.com/documentation/suse.html
=> www.redhat.com/docs/

OSS software download

=> sourceforge.net
=> freshmeat.net

At present this engine only searches above 59 sites only (plus other web site but priority is given to these site first) but you are welcome to submit your Linux/UNIX specific site or blog to it. Let us hope we will be able to build a list of trusted site which all Linux users find easy while hunting Linux problems.

Enjoy :)

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