Is Open Solaris gonna defend Linux?

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Solaris is almost 23 years old and commercially well supported OS. Just like Linux is is now fully opensource OS. From a business perspective Solaris long history makes them more attractive. Belive it or not we have NIS+NFS Solaris based system running since last 4+ years and most of new sys admin have no idea about Solaris stability. Next million dollar question popups in all of our minds is Open Solaris defend Linux? Check out OpenSolaris Has a Leg Up on Linux for more information

However I don’t agree with author. It is too late for Open Solais,to come in and eat market share of Linux 😉 I must agree {Open}Solaris is rock solid stable but it is not very user friendly. It will take some time for them to catch up with Linux. They (Solaris) need to work out on:

  • Hardware support
  • User friendly Disk name just like linux
  • GNU commands installed in /usr/bin and not in /opt/somewhere
  • X windows systems and please take away those yellow and blue colors my Desktop etc

This is just simple list one can create quite big list.

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