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KDE 3.5.3 Released and available for download

KDE v3.5.3 Released. This features improvements in startup speed, a significant audit of small bugs, and some well-tested new functionality :)

You can download KDE Binary Packages here.


  • KDE startup sequence reordered to improve startup time.
  • Over 800 minor issues fixed thanks to Coverity, as part of a project initiated with funding from the United States Government.
  • Small new features were implemented in Akregator, KMail and KAlarm. This release alters the tradition of limiting “maintenance releases” to bug fixes. “Feature freeze” was relaxed somewhat to accommodate qualitative improvements held back by the long release cycle of stable 3.5.x series.

For more information see official press release.

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  • saravanan March 7, 2008, 8:22 am

    I inspired very much on kde desktop environment, that’s why I am using that for my rhel 5

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