How To: Install KDE on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

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The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is a wireless Internet appliance from Nokia. It is powered by Debian Linux.

KDE and all it’s supporting programs have been compiled for the Internet Tablet, and it works b-e-a-utifully. I’ve installed this sucker on my N770 and it purrs like a kitten, believe it or not 😉

How To: Install KDE on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

=> KDE on the IT


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Hello!

    would love to try kde 4 on my new IT N800, but have no idea which download to choose (so many). I need guidance!

    Please Help?


  2. first, make sure you have a 4gig or bigger sd card for your n800; download the kde358v2.tar.bz2 and supv2.tgz files.

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