Laptop Battery Safety – protect yourself from flames

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Almost all leading Laptop venders – Sony, Dell and others recalling their laptop batteries due to safety issues such as flames (I cannot even imagine lap flames ;) ).

So is a fire extinguisher the next must-have notebook accessory?

How you are going to protect yourself from such hell?

MSN tech is offering few tips, from the article:
Of course, nobody wants to be one of the unlucky few, and you’re probably wondering what the hubbub is about. This week I’ll answer questions about the risks of lithium ion batteries. Next week I’ll offer tips on what you can do to protect yourself, plus give you an update on what’s being done to reduce or eliminate such risks in the future.

This article answers question such as:
=> Why Would a Battery Overheat?
=> What Causes a Battery to Short-Circuit and flames?
=> How Big Is the Risk?
=>

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  1. Does holding a lap top computer on one’s lap pose a danger to one’s health like the News is reporting about cell phone use.

    Thanks, Glenda

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