Is The Linux Community Afraid of Opensolaris?

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It’s about time someone wrote this article:


I know the headline is a little bit provoking. But when you think about some comments from Linux proponents you could think so.

This is an interesting development. In the years before, there wasn’t such comments. Solaris was considered as a dead end. But then the game changed. We open-sourced Solaris. The full monty over the time. We open-sourced the cluster framework. And we won´t stop to open source further code until there is no more code to open-source. BTW: I find “Sun should contribute more” really interesting. In the moment you start up your text processor on your favourite Linux distribution you’ve gone through more code contributed by Sun than of anybody else. You´ve already traversed a large amount of code contributed by Sun when you just login into GNOME. This is a fact most people tend to ignore.

Is the Linux community afraid of Opensolaris? []


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Afraid? Not in the least. This is the nature of open source.

    I installed 2008.05 onto a spare PC at work and it has a lot of potential as a nice desktop OS for some.

  2. well, what if someone will use Linux for servers ( only ) ?
    in most cases there is no need of any GUI, and of course there will not be any star/open/closed/*/office suite …
    So Sun/Moon/’s contribution goes down to /dev/null.

    Open/Closed/*/Solaris should be used for servers …. as Linux is …

    Anyone can have its choice ( incl here Windows too ).

    Remember : Linux has a huge hardware base to run on ( incl SPARC )

    Final thought : there is no reason to fear of anything !

  3. sun lost most of its stock price
    attributed to “recent acquisitions”
    wonder which ones

    Sun is still around.
    Kinda like asking if DEC is still around…

  4. Tried OpenSolaris yesterday. Many Linux commands did not work. I know… it’s Unix!! Live CD had Compiz. Very nice desktop. Unsure of it’s package manager. Gnome was quite dated. Would like to run it but Ubuntu always wins. Sun should have started sooner with this.

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