Linux Desktop Enhancements

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Linux Desktop Customization
Linux Desktop Customization

Awesome! Here are few more Linux customization resources for you.


8 Great Alternative Desktop Managers For Linux

Various UNIX / Linux desktop managers (personally I’m big fan of both Gnome and Fluxbox), from the post:

Most of the Linux users should be familiar with Gnome and KDE since both of them are the most commonly used desktop managers in the various Linux distros. Now, if you are using an old PC with low hardware specs, you might find that the above two desktop environments are too heavy for your computer to handle.

In this case, you will have to consider using an alternative lightweight desktop manager for your Linux. Here are 8 of the best lightweight desktop managers that I personally use and recommend.

30 Cool Linux Login Screens

Linux Relaxing Water Login Screen
Linux Relaxing Water Login Screen

Amazing Linux / UNIX desktop login screen. From the page:

One of the most powerful attributes that are running for Linux as opposed to other OS’es is it flexibility and customizibility. Its one of the first things mentioned when a Linux geek is asked about Linux. And we love to show it. I trekked Gnome Look and KDE Look and chose for you these 30 great login screen themes. The first 15 are GNOME Specific, while 16-30 are for KDE.

30 Cool Linux Login Screens

Collection of 50 Best Looking Linux Gnome/Ubuntu Themes

Linux Red Gnome themes
Linux Red Gnome themes

Theses are great! From the page:

I tried a lot of gnome themes and found many beautiful and elegant looking themes which enhance your desktop with different colors, corners, buttons and scroll bar styles. I filtered some of the best looking gnome themes to share on TechieSouls. After downloading themes you have to install them, the following screenshot will guide you how to install theme in ubuntu and gnome interface. Install apply and enjoy

Collection of 50 Best Looking Linux Gnome/Ubuntu Themes

10 Things You Should Do Immediately After Installing Ubuntu 8.10

Some stupid and old stuff, but may be useful for newbies (please do not install bloated Adobe Acrobat Reader, use evince) , from the page:

In today’s Linux Gyan, we help you get-things-working once you have installed the Intrepid Ibex. Most people expect certain functions to work out-of-the-box in a modern operating system. Features like MP3 playback, DVD authoring and playback, DivX support, flash player etc to name a few. Unfortunately, due to certain ethical reasons, Ubuntu doesn’t provide such features out of the box.

Though the users are free to add these features themselves, it is always a pain in the neck to figure out all the various procedures involved and then apply it. This post will help you in getting all the required information on a single page

10 Things You Should Do Immediately After Installing Ubuntu 8.10 (Domain/URL removed)

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