Linux File System Guide (primer) from Novell

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Linux File System Primer (LFSP) is a guide for newbie as well as seasoned Linux administrator.


Linux offers a number of file systems. LFSP discusses all popular file systems, why there are so many, and which ones are the best to use for which workloads and data. Not all data is the same. Not all workloads are the same. Not all filesystems are the same. Matching the file system to the data and workload allows customers to build efficient scalable and cost effective solutions.

It is important to understand these different workloads and their requirements, as these drive requirements into file systems. This will also serve as a guide in comparing and contrasting the various file systems available in the market today.

It covers file system as per your need i.e. you want to use Linux for what purpose:

  • Desktop system
  • Workgroup Server
  • High Performance Computational Clusters
  • Business IT workstation

Overall, an excellent guide for everyone who always wanted to find out why so many file system exists? Also, do not forget to checkout File System Comparison from wikipedia the free encyclopedia.

Moreover, here’s a short guide on Linux/UNIX file system basic concepts on our own site.


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