Linux: Finally, full read and write support for NTFS available for download

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The ntfs-3g driver is an open source, GPL licensed, third generation Linux NTFS driver for 32-bit, little-endian architectures which was implemented by the Linux-NTFS project. It provides full read-write access to NTFS, excluding access to encrypted files, writing compressed files, changing file ownership, access right.

Technically it’s based on and a major improvement to the third generation Linux NTFS driver, ntfsmount. The improvements includes functionality, quality and performance enhancements.

You can follow these instructions to install and use NTFS driver.

Read more at mailing list
Download driver here (beta version)

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Hi,
    I need to create a System Administrator console Menu with options (Might be case condition ) in bash shell script as

    -u) Run User administration (Ex: System Administration Menu 1. User Administration [useradd/userdel/passwd/user unlock etc ..]

    -n) Run Network Administration
    (Ex: Network Services [identify current status and if any issue found try to find the underlying cause] 6.1. NFS 6.2. NTP 6.3. Samba etc)

    -q) Quit (Logout)

    And to trap signals,( like should not get out of shell program when pressing control-c.) Only Quit should end the program in output mode.

    Can you help me coding this switch case option for sys admin ?

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