General FAQ For Entire nixCraft WebSite

Posted on last updated September 27, 2007

What is this?

This is general frequently asked questions (FAQ) for entire nixCraft site. It will address the questions asked by our site visitor repeatedly. We get lots email asking questions regarding this site.

How do I use this site?

This site has over 3000+ articles / code samples / faq. To find out particular article use search functionality located on each webpage. You can also browser articles using categories or sections. Use our site map which lists all the sections of nixCraft.

How do I keep track of nixcraft website, there is so much information?

You don’t have to visit our site everyday. You can subscribe to our weekly / daily email news-letter or full rss feed.

May I republish / reprint articles from nixcraft on my blog or website?

No. The articles are copyrighted to Vivek/nixCraft and can only be reproduced given the author’s permission. If you want to reprint my article on your web site, blog or in your publication contact me with your request and url. Articles from nixCraft website can be reprinted only after permission. In most cases, I would expect to be paid for this. You may not republish an entire article / post / tutorial / howto without an approval.

Where do I submit corrections or updates to Linux / UNIX post/howto/faq?

The best way to submit corrections or updates is to comment on the same post/faq/posts. Almost all our webpages carries a comment form. As usual you can email us your comments or views, please include a link to the webpage to which you’re referring.

Why comments are moderated?

Conversation is encouraged and expected. However, moderation of comments is necessary to prevent spam, personal attacks, bad language or off-topic commentary.

Will you delete my comment?

No. All comments are held for moderation only. If your comment is previously approved, your comment will appear instantly. Please note that all comments are filtered thought spam filters. A false spam trigger may delete or delay your comment.

How do I support nixCraft?

Has nixCraft tips / hacks given you some helpful ideas? If you are interested in supporting my work and would like to contribute:

  • Link us from your home page / blog. Write an article or blog post about nixCraft
  • Tell your friends about us
  • Share your expertise, send your Linux news and hacks to us.
  • Start your shopping here!
  • Advertise on nixCraft
  • You are also welcome to make a small donation – it will be a great help and will surely be appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

Can I advertise on nixCraft?

Yes, visit the advertising page for more information.

I need information about Linux for a school paper I’m writing. Will you help me out? / Can you fix my Linux computer / problem?

No. If you send/email me a Linux/UNIX support question I won’t respond. I cannot handle Linux/UNIX support in my email. Try our excellent Linux support forum. Post all your Linux / UNIX specific questions in the forum only.

Why is your grammar/spelling so bad?

English is not my first language. Email me with the grammar/spelling mistake(s) that annoys you and I will fixed it straight away.

Why this site exists?

Short answer – knowledge sharing.

One of the main goal of the internet design was to share information without boundaries between educational institutions and individuals. I use internet to share and gain knowledge.

  • Poor people fight for food.
  • Rich people share their food.
  • Richer are those who share power. Richer still are those who share fame.
  • Richest of all are those who share themselves.
  • A person’s wealth is measured by his ability to share and not by what he hoards.
  • Hence, this site exists for knowledge sharing!

Where can I view your TOS?

We follow and expect you to follow the code while browsing our website ( short version ) :

  • Be honest and fair.
  • Be generous.
  • Be kind to strangers.
  • Do not lie / steal / cheat.
  • Do not falsely accuse others.
  • Do not verbally abuse others.
  • Do not spam.
  • For details please read our disclaimer and privacy policy.

    Where do you live? How long have you been administrating UNIX/Linux boxes?

    I live and travel between Pune (home town) and New Delhi (work place), India. I started to use UNIX in 1995 and Linux in 1996. You can learn more about me here.

    Why are there ads on pages?

    • To keep site running
    • To cover server hosting cost
    • To cover ISP / broadband bills
    • To provide you free access to my publications / howtos / faqs
    • To get reward for my time and dedication
    • To fund my higher studies

    So I’ve placed ads on site.

    Are you available for hire or constancy work?

    No. Currently I’m not available for any kind constancy work due to my projects, tight work schedule and contracts.

    When did you start this site?

    1999 and it was hosted on free hosting service. Now this site is hosted on a rented server. I brought this domain in 2002

    I found a bug in your perl / shell / c code. What should I do?

    Send me an email along with all details (including the fix / suggestions)

    How old are you?

    At the time of this writing I’m 28.

    What do you do for a living?

    I work as UNIX admin and write code in Perl, Shell, C, and PHP.

    How can I tell what date the tutorial was written, or what version of software was used?

    Almost all our tutorial / faq / howto has last update date printed using Month, day, year format. To see exact date or the tutorial was written click on print button / url link. Most tutorial / faq are updated for latest version. If you have question regarding software version just contact us or use our excellent forum for further assistance.

    What is article series?

    This is a new feature added to our CMS and site. It covers in-depth articles. Article series are useful for tying together information on very broad subjects. For example, the article related to Apache server divided into many topics such as installation, configuration, security, logging and relate software spanned over 10-20 pages. Each article series contain a table that provides links to all the major issues surrounding that subject. You can easily navigate article series using next, previous links and table of contents (marked using red color):

    (Fig. 01: Article series navigation)

    Our article series is a special series of articles that explores a specific theme and comprises how-tos, reviews and tutorials that are published consecutively over a period of time.

    Why you don’t accept my social network site invitation?

    I am old school guy, I prefer to manage contact using old style. To be frank I don’t get social networking at all and have neither a facebook nor a myspace page (insert your social network name here) and don’t have a twitter account. Most my business contact related to government or public trading companies. I prefer not to kill / waste my precious time with *stupid social networking site*.

    If you have more questions just ask!.

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