Linux How to bind Qmail to specific IP address

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qmail is a mail transfer agent that runs on Linux and Unixish oses. It is more secure replacement for the popular Sendmail program. Yes, it is possible to bind Qmail to specific IP. Here is what I did. Please note that I am running light weight QMAIL server from xinetd service.


1) Open your /etc/xinetd.d/smtp file and add bind=IP line:

# vi /etc/xinetd.d/smtp
Append/add following line to it:
bind =


  • bind = Qmail IP address to bind.

2) Save file

3) Reload xinetd with any one of the following command:
# /etc/init.d/xinetd reload
/etc/init.d/xinetd restart

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  1. Hey that did not work for me. When I insert the bind line, no email goes out after that.

    I am on FC2 using Plesk 7.5, so I am using the xinetd service, but not a lightweight version of Qmail, I guess a regular one.

    My quetion is: is this supposed to work with a specific patch on Qmail?

    Googling the topic showed that plain vanilla qmail only sends to the server’s default IP and most people recommend a patch to change the outgoing IP…


  2. Absolute useless. Not because of the fact, that Plesk and Visas (both famous ISP-Software) use Qmail with inetd. 🙂
    No, it useless because (x)inetd is for getting Mails, not for sending. For this you don’t need inetd to bind on a specific IP, because the MX-Record do this for you.
    If you want to bind Qmail for outgoing Mails on an IP, i must tell you: this will not work because Qmail have no possibles to do so.


  3. I am using qmialServer. I do not know how enable SELinux. Pls tell me is there an possible ways to enable SELinux in qmailserver and pls tell me what is the procedure to use IPTables to block unauthorised users from outside

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