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  1. You know, sometimes I have to work with windows at work and I’ve forgotten how to do alot. People have a hard time with linux because they’ve become set in their ways as to how an os should work and what should be where. Just imagine having used linux all your life and then start using windows….you’d be completely lost. Needless to say, I’ve been pretty frustated since having to use windows recently. In addition to all your points, newcomers really just need patience and the willingness to learn something new.

  2. Past four years i am managing Linux Server as internet gateway. But still i struggled a lot to do for basic things in linux. Still the same fear for touching linux box what i had four years ago.

    Your article made me a new idea as how to make me to familiar with linux. At least today onwards I will follow what ever points you mentioned here.

    This article shows clearly Your Great experience in this linux field.

    Keep it up and share this type of basic experience and help people like me

    Thank you very much

  3. I agree with Bryan, newcomers in the field of OS has to be patient in learning to use the new environment. I’m also new to Linux but I take it easy in my learning curve. Additionally, some Linux distros are very much like the Windows environment most of us are used to. Though there are things/items/apps/commands that are not Windows-like but with the same functionality. Just kepp a steady learning curve and everything will fall into place as it should be.

  4. Vivek,

    I’m a very seasoned and experienced Linux System Administrator and I still enjoyed reading this article, as I’ve seen lot of Junior Sys Admin making the mistakes that you’ve pointed out in this article.

    In my opinion LINUX IS EASY, if you are very analytical and if you know exactly what you are doing.

    The Geek Stuff

  5. “Don’t try to replace Windows desktop with Linux desktop.” That’s right. Don’t try – just do it. Years ago I said I will not use DOS. I will not use MS software. Simple. Enjoy the future of your knowledge by understanding that investing your time learning about open source software is much better than some commercial software.

    Bryan’s point is spot on. It’s not really about learning curve as much as it is about habit. I had to code something in VB. I can’t even remember how to comment in VB anymore.

  6. Great Vivek,
    You are like Dronacharya and I am Eklavya. Without ever meeting you, we are learning a lot from you.

    You inspire many like me to master *nix.

  7. Im making the transition to Ubuntu 8.04 these days but I still use my WinXP PC for production.

    While linux is becoming easier to use with better GUI and all, Windows still has far better lead when it comes to graphical environment. Linux rocks for server requirements but GUI navigation is much better in Windows. The rendering is much neater in Windows when compared to Linux.

    For a web-based app to be run on the browser, Linux is the ideal solution. But for a GUI desktop-app, its better done in Win32/MFC/.NET etc.

  8. @ Ajanesh
    No i seriously dont think so…Linux has matured enough to become an alternative 2 atleast M$…forget others…And there are many GUI-desktop apps which i also use…also u dont have 2 face trouble…and as we know these days mosy of the applications are directly connected to net…right???

  9. Take for example FileZilla – same source code for Windows, Linux (& Mac).

    But it looks much neater in Windows and hence easier to navigate. Look at the distance (pixel-wise) between 2 folders (tree view, FileZilla) – its lesser in Windows and more in Ubuntu(GNMOE). Its neater, much more fine-grained in Windows and hence easier to navigate – lesser mouse movement.

    You might find this to be a bit extreme, but this is reason why the ordinary person can use Windows instead of GNOME/KDE.

    Im very much in favour of Linux – but only if one accepts to use shell/terminal. I will not recommend Linux to any graphic designer.

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