How to 'migrate' or 'make the move' to Linux – newbie information site.

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The ‘Make The Move’ project aims to present Linux and free open source software as viable alternatives to other systems and to provide helpful information for people considering to ‘make the move’.

This site is a good to make move to Linux. It offers few tips, newbie information and most important it will guide you to get started with OSS and Linux.

Home page includes sections such as:
=> What is FOSS and Linux?
=> Why should I move?
=> Available software and Links to download Linux etc

From the site:
Make The Move is about your choice of software on your computer. It shouldn’t be left up to some store to give you something that they get a rebate on. It shouldn’t be something that restricts you in how you use it and what you can do with it, that reports back to its makers without telling you, that could stop you using it if it decides you need to pay them more money. It shouldn’t tie up your music and your DVDs, locking them into formats that you can’t put on your portable music player. It shouldn’t tie up your files to be only sharable with people who have paid money for the same products.

How to migrate or move to Linux - newbie information site.

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Make sure you share *your own experience* with us regarding Linux migration. What difficulties you’ve faced while making the switch? Give us your $.02… 😉

Make The Move

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