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  1. I want to transfer file to other machine using
    scp or sftp. How can I use the scp or sftp in my
    shell script so that the system takes the password for sftp automatically.

  2. Nice tutorial!

    I was just happy that I found what I needed, but it seems there’s somethig that I’m missing.

    I need user friendly interface to upload/dowload files (for my friends) and rsync (for me 🙂 ). So I uncommented “allowscp”, “allowsftp” and “allowrsync”. I tested ssh, scp and sftp in console and everythig worked as expected, but when I tried to connect with gFTP (I’m using Ubuntu Hardy) and selected SSH2 connection, I was available to browse the direcroties below my user’s home dir. In that case rssh is not really “restricted”. Is this some bug?

    gFTP connects to the remote host with “ssh -e none -l myusername -s sftp”. When I type it in the console and enter the password, the cursor blinks on the next row until I press Ctrl+C. In the auth.log says:
    Connection from port 36633
    Failed none for myusername from port 36633 ssh2
    Accepted password for myusername from port 36633 ssh2
    pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user myusername by (uid=0)
    subsystem request for sftp

    I’ll make a post in, but tought it will be usefull for others if we find what’s the reason for this behaviour.

    I would preffer using rssh whithout chroot, so please help me solve this issue.

        1. i also have this exitcode 1 issue.

          i can not connect successfully with sftp

          Command: open “[email protected]” 22
          Command: Pass: ********
          Status: Connected to DOMAIN
          Error: Connection closed by server with exitcode 1
          Error: Could not connect to server

          when i login via ssh i get this exitcode error and it disconnects

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