IBM / Lenovo Computer Print Serial Number and Other Information from a Shell Command Prompt

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If you are a proud owner of IBM / Lenovo laptop / desktop computer use vpddecode command to print the “vital product data” information without opening your case or rebooting the system. This information is hardcoded on almost all IBM and Lenovo computers BIOS. It will show following information:


=> BIOS Build ID
=> Box Serial Number
=> Motherboard Serial Number
=> Machine Type/Model
=> BIOS Release Date
=> Default Flash Image File Name

Command to display BIOS information

WARNING! These examples only works on IBM/Lenovo Computer or Laptop systems

Open terminal and type the following command as the root user:

$ sudo vpddecode
# vpddecode


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  1. Dear sir,
    I am using a PC having IBM motherboard. I lost my motherboard driver. I dont know the serial number of my mother board. How can I get the serial number as well as motherboard driver???

    It is necessary to know this info. for me. If you help me, I will be thankfull to you..

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