Load balancing with the Cisco CSM, SASP, and the IBM Enterprise Workload Manager

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This is part 1, of Autonomic load balancing using Cisco Content Switching Module how to. It demonstrates how to use a CISCO Content Switching Module (CSM) and the IBM Enterprise Workload Manager (EWLM) to create an efficient, dynamic load balancing environment.


FTA, “System and workload management frameworks have proven to be valuable utilities, used to monitor and manage enterprise applications and the systems they run on. While these systems may have a great deal of knowledge about these applications, they generally have little ability to control the rate at which these applications receive work. In contrast, load balancers can control this rate, but typically have little information about the application’s ability to successfully handle the request.

This article describes a cooperative effort between one of IBM’s workload management products, the Enterprise Workload Manager (EWLM), and one of CISCO’s load balancing products, the Content Switching Module (CSM), to provide an effective load balancing solution based on application performance and the ability of the applications to achieve business-level goals.”

Although it is not useful for home or small business as admin you may learn and understand some load balancing stuff. Read more at IBM developerworks


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