Making Bootable Movies with eMoviX

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The MoviX project  is a collection of several projects (eMoviX, MoviX2, and MoviX) designed to create a small Linux distribution that can be used primarily to play movies. MoviX2 contains the most complete set of multimedia playing components. MoviX is a stripped-down version of MoxiX2, which you can use if you have less than 128MB of RAM on your computer.


Christopher Negus wrote an article that explains making bootable movies with eMoviX. FTA “If you are like me and do all your video recording in Linux, you may wonder how you can share the TV shows, personal videos, and other multimedia content with friends and family who don’t use Linux. How can you get the video from your hard disk to the people you care about in a way that you know they can play it?
Well, instead of just hoping they have a way to play your favorite video format, why not give them your home movie with a player that you know can play it? In fact, why not give them the whole operating system with it so you know that your player will run?”


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