Mark Shuttleworth financially supports KDE project

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Mark Shuttleworth financially supports KDE project

Canonical Ltd is the company behind the wildly-successful Ubuntu family of GNU/Linux distributions, including the KDE- specialized Kubuntu. Mark Shuttleworth the founder of this project today Invested in KDE project. This is good news as Mark is pushing Linux to mainstream desktop market.

The man behind Ubuntu continues his push to move Linux into the mainstream desktop market with an investment in KDE development.

From the article:
There are many ways to support and contribute to the KDE project. Traditional contributions have seen the fusion of code, artwork, translations and documentation that has come to define KDE. As the project celebrates its 10th anniversary, we can all reflect on the enormous success achieved when people and organisations with a vast variety of different backgrounds and skills join forces. For people and organisations who wish to contribute to KDE by providing financial support in an ongoing manner, the KDE e.V. now offers the new Supporting Members scheme. KDE e.V. is both excited and proud to announce Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, as our first Patron of KDE.

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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