Microsoft Admitted Windows Vista Failure – XP Gets Support Till 2014

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I’m not pro windows user, nevertheless it is a good news. Some time I got to deal with Microsoft desktop products and vista is the worst operating system out there. Also, Microsoft may have little choice but to support XP for an extended period since most of its business customers have not upgraded to Windows Vista.


This is the best thing Microsoft could have ever done, IMPO. This will help both IT stuff, admins and users. Also Microsoft don’t want to promote Linux here:

Without continued access XP, manufacturers of such systems would be forced to offer them with the rival Linux OS on board — a situation Microsoft is hoping to preempt.

=> Microsoft Pledges Windows XP Support Through 2014

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. It’s a good thing that Microsoft extended the support for XP. I, for one, am having headaches in Vista administration. Can’t seem to find the Windows applications that I’ve been used to in XP. I agree with others that say that Vista was prematurely announced. There are still some issues even with SP1 released. If I buy a computer with Vista pre-installed, I’ll repartition to accommodate XP and Linux in the system drive.

    BTW, thanks Nixcraft for the tips in Linux administration. Learned a lot.

  2. I think the key to a better operating system is Simplicity. If they made vista simple then It would perform well. I hope someone develop a dos-based Internet browser. As we welcome the future of operating systems, the cloud computing.

  3. After changing the interface i.e; changing grahical user interface people did not like ista. xp is simle as compared to vista. this is also the reason of the windows 8 that it uses both gui* and mui*. so for this purpose they are complicated then windows 7 and xp. overall macintosh os x rock.
    *gui=graphical user interface.
    *mui:=metro user interface(this idea has been taken from nokia lumia series which uses mui)

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