Microsoft FoxPro going open source

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Old good Foxpro v2.0 is a text-based procedural programming language and RDBMS for MS-DOS, MS Windows, Macintosh and UNIX etc. Next version is called Visual FoxPro which is an object-oriented programming language and RDBMS for MS Windows only.


Now Microsoft has announced that it will not be releasing any new versions of its Visual FoxPro development software past Version 9.0, but the company will continue to support the technology through 2015.

Instead of releasing new versions of FoxPro, Microsoft will release core portions of the FoxPro software to its CodePlex community development site, said Alan Griver, a group manager within the Microsoft Visual Studio team, which leads the FoxPro team. You can expect to see the Sedna code on CodePlex sometime before the end of summer 2007.

This is great news for open source software.

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4 comment

  1. A simple detail:

    MS-OpenSource it is not like a wellknown OpenSource concept.

    Codeplex site said:

    What does an open source license mean?
    An “open source” style license means users are, without a fee, permitted to view the code, and run it at least for non-commercial purposes.

    This is not the OSD (Open Source Definition)

    Microsoft show the code and invite you to enhance it but you can use the code for commercial purposes. But they can! and said that they will no develop VFP10… cool! you will develop for they for free!!

  2. Rodolfo,

    Yes it will be under one of Microsoft’s Shared Source licenses. I think it is less about open source thingy and more about their own community based collaboration. But still you will be able to see code and understand few things.

    Appreciate your post.

  3. Not so fast… Microsoft has put the “top veneer” of foxpro in open source, but the next Windows version that comes around and does things differently enought to kill the runtime engine will take the top veneer with it. Code for the runtime engine is by no means open or shared source, and therefore it creates a shaky foundation for the rest of the effort.

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