Microsoft is all set to help Novell Linux

Posted on in Categories Linux, News, Windows last updated November 2, 2006

Ok first IE team sends a cake to Firefox team. And now Microsoft is all set to make partnership with Novell.

From the WSJ article:
Microsoft Corp. is entering into an unusual partnership with Novell Inc. that gives a boost to the Linux operating system, a rival to the software giant’s Windows software, according to people familiar with the companies.

Under the pact, which isn’t final, Microsoft will offer sales support of Suse Linux, a version of the operating system sold by Novell. The two companies have also agreed to develop technologies to make it easier for users to run both Suse Linux and Microsoft’s Windows on their computers. The two companies are expected to announce details of their plan today at a press conference in San Francisco.

Microsoft is well known for deadly business tactics. It has successfully destroyed IBM OS/2 and old good Netscape. I simply don’t get logic. Why the hell they wanna help OSS :/?

Sure things are getting worst for Redhat, first it was Oracle and now Microsoft ;)

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